Domino - In Loving Memory

He was the last in the litter, but captured our hearts, full of energy and smiles and a tail that wagged with might.
For 12 years, he inspired our Christmases, our clothes and our cards.  He understood the important things in life:  "get your ball," "go for a walk?," "want to eat?," and the famous "other side." Though a coward to thunder, he was the king of the yard.  He chased the squirrels, the birds (when he wanted to show-off), the neighbors and was the last sight many junebugs ever saw.
He kept his toys in a box and his "Mr. Squeaky" in his mouth.  Though large rocks were a close second, he was certainly partial to basketballs; and to see him prance around the yard with one in his mouth, was definitely a sight to see. He'd "swim" on the floor and nap in the sun (or any other place he chose as long as someone was nearby).  He knew that his rocks belonged in flower pots and basketballs were outside toys and looked forward to homemade vanilla ice cream in the summer!
He made our house a home and changed our lives forever.  He was our Domino . . . and always will be.

Ron, Susan, Derek, Katina, Jarred and Xhevahire

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