In Loving Memory of Gracie

To begin our story, we go back to the year 2000. We had 2 wonderful furry friends, Maggie Sue (a half dal) & Duke (a German Shepherd). Unfortunately, we lost Duke that year, but he had lived a good long life for 16 years. Maggie Sue was as upset as we were plus was very lonesome as she was only 2 years old then & had never been alone as we adopted her as a young pup.

In 2001, we knew we wanted to find another special friend as a companion for Maggie Sue as well as for us. We decided we wanted to give a home to a homeless animal & seems almost as if we were lead straight to the Dalmatian Rescue website. That's where we first saw our special friend, Gracie Girl. It was love at first site!! With the wonderful help of Ann, arrangements was made for us to adopt Gracie & they meet us halfway between our West Texas home & Plano to pick her up.

Gracie was such a blessing to our family right from the beginning. She had the biggest heart, loved everyone, and was a "daddy's girl" deluxe! She loved it when Dad would get in the floor to hug on & get extra loving from. She was a great "sister" for Maggie, even putting up with Maggie's bossiness at times! Of course, over the years, Gracie lost most of her hearing, had developed arthritis & cataracts, but that didn't stop her spinning around for joy everyday when Dad came home or when it came treat time after supper!

Unfortunately, we lost our Gracie Girl this past January 17 to that horrible cancer but she will always live in our hearts! We can never thank Ann & everyone involved with the Dalmatian Rescue enough for what they did for us & what they do for our special spotted friends!!!!

Charley & Marsha Horstman > Odessa Tx

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