In Loving Memory of Riley

Riley came to us in October of 2004, a tense, skinny little Dalmatian. He escaped our yard several times in the first week as he could climb through any small opening. After much love and attention he realized he was much happier inside our home and fenced yard than outside and never tried to escape again. He would walk/run for hours a day pulling us along to explore the neighborhoods of first Dallas and later Houston. He developed severe back problems and underwent two surgeries to help the problem. He never complained. If he fell over, he would simply work to right himself and move on. Unfortunately his physical problems finally overcame his energy on November 1, 2011. Thank you, Riley for adopting us and sharing your boundless enthusiasm with slobbery kisses and endless walks. Although our hearts and minds are full of grief, we are happy contemplating you running free of pain exploring every new tree, hedge and fence you can find.


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