Every dog has a tale.

Every dog has a story to tell, and the wonderful Dalmatians we've grown to know and love are certainly no exception. This is a place to share the stories you have about the dogs you have adopted from us. If you have a story about a Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas dog, we'd love to hear from you. Hopefully this archive of dog stories will grow over time and we'd love to share yours with our Internet friends.

Dalmatian Stories

by Carol Rutkowski

Second Chances
by John Sealander

Petey the Pound Pup
by John Sealander

Saving Sadie

by John Sealander

Petey and Patti
by John Sealander

by Anne Hines

Jazz and Lucky
by Pat Cruse


by Kathy Friedberg

by John Sealander

Penny and Patch
by John Sealander

Savannah's new home
by Robert Robida

by Bridgid Janak

Woffie for Matchmaking
by Tom Bayer

by Darla Rupert

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