Your donation could save a Dalmatian!
Your donation could help save a deserving Dalmatian. Just click the donate button and help us make life a little happier for some wonderful dogs. Your online donation helps Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas continue to find good homes for hundreds of abandoned Dalmatians. Every week, we continue to do everything in our power to place as many dogs as we can through adoptions, festivals and fund raising events. Every year, with your help, we are giving these great dogs a second chance.

Our resources are stretched to the limit however, and there are still far too many dogs we can’t save. That's why we need your help! Each of the Dalmatians we are able to rescue costs from $250 to $350 per dog for food, shelter and veterinary care until a permanent home can be found. A dog that has been injured or needs heartworm treatment can cost far more.

Our adoption fee of $200 doesn’t even begin to cover our costs. A dog in our rescue program typically stays with us from 30 to 120 days, gets all its shots and is spayed or neutered. Expenses add up fast. In recent years, our organization has spent well over $20,000 each year just for necessary veterinary care. Food, shelter, medicine, training and other expenses bring our total costs to over $50,000 a year. If you shop online, please go to and select Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas as the cause you would like to support. Each of the hundreds of stores in this popular online mall will donate a portion of your purchase to help our dogs. If there is anything you can do to help us save a Dalmatian in any way, we would greatly appreciate your support.


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