Send a smooch. Save a Dal

Now you can have some Valentines Day fun while you help us save our spotted friends. For just $10 you can send Val or Hal a special "smooch" that will give them back one of their spots.

Your $10 donation will give Val or Hal an additional spot and more importantly, it will help give the many Dalmatians we rescue a second chance at finding a better life. Will Val and Hal get back all their spots? It's up to you. Help this "spotless" pair get their spots back today. If you'd like to send a "smooch," call us at 972-250-DALS, or send an e-mail to

Check back often to see which dog has the most spots and remember to "Be a Pal and Save a Dal."

See who's smooching Val & Hal!

Smooch a Pooch and help give Val and Hal back their spots.

Each $10 donation gives our Dalmatians back one of their missing spots.


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