Help some very special dogs?

Some of our dogs have serious medical problems and need extra love and care. These are wonderful dogs who deserve a lot better in life than they have received so far. We believe, and our veterinarians agree, that all of these dogs can be rehabilitated if they receive the proper care. Please help us give them a second chance. If you'd like to contribute to the medical care of one of our special needs Dalmatians, please click on the donation button above, or call us at 972-250-DALS.

Thanks to all who have helped with our special needs Dals. Send an e-mail or call 972-250-DALS if you like to sponsor a dog or help these very special Dalmatians in any way.

Our Special needs Dals.

Humphrey - This handsome five year old male has severe mobility problems resuilting from a leision on his neck and two torn anterior cruciate ligaments. Our veterinary surgeon thinks that Humphrey can recover with the proper surgery, but his care will be expensive. Please help us provide Humphrey with the care he needs by making a donation to help with his surgery.

Read what Larry Powell said about Katy and Landry in the June 28 edition of his website.

In addition to our special needs Dalmatians, we have a number of dogs with heartworm disease, which is quite expensive to cure. Your generous contributions are always appreciated and help to provide our spotted friends with the quality veterinary care they deserve.

After his successful hip surgery, Kobe is regaining mobility with special physical therapy sessions at the North Texas Animal Rehabilitation Center.

More Adoptable Dalmatians

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