In Loving Memory of Dakota

On Thursday, November 2 we lost our dear and sweet Dakota boy a.k.a.Coco!
Dakota came into my life when he was just six weeks old. Dakota never knew what it was like to be hungry or cold. He never new what it was like to not be loved. Had he lived, Dakota would have been 14 years old on December 29. We share the same birthday month!
Dakota gave me so much joy and so much happiness. He gave me endless smiles, lots of hugs and he loved to snuggle with me. He loved sleeping under the covers because he always preferred warm over cold. He was always ready to take a nap even if he had just gotten up from taking one! He just loved to cuddle and snuggle! He was such a sweet baby. Dakota had a wonderful heart. He allowed not so fortunate fur babies to come into our lives and after a brief pouting period, he accepted each one as though they had always been with us.  He did this up until the day he left us. 
We gave Dakota the best care available to us. We looked to several doctors for the right answers. We thought we were going to have more time with him, but on Thursday morning his heart refused to work any longer and he wasn't able to stay any longer. We had to say goodbye and we had to let him go. Dakota is an angel. He was living proof that angels are among us.  He blessed my life for almost 14 years and he will bless the heavens until we are together again. I will never forget his beautiful face and the perfect heart shaped spots on his little body. My love for Dakota will live on and my heart will always have a piece missing until we meet again in another place and time. I thank you my sweet spotted baby and I will miss you with all my heart and soul. May God take care of you and keep you safe until we are together again. I love you.
Your human mom, Lisa Van Arnam

Dakota - December 1992 - November 2006

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