In Loving Memory of Diva

Diva was born ~ 1995, joined our home on 4/28/2000, and sadly she departed on 3/9/2010.  She had a long and wonderful life.   She made the decade we had with her so much better.  When she joined our home she was small but strong, known to previously be a fence jumper.  But she immediately settled in by jumping into elevated flower beds or whatever she could to have a little more fun. She did love a little gardening right up until the end.  Diva was true to her name, a princess who often sat at the top of the stairs with her front paws crossed waiting to be attended to appropriately.   She always found the warmest spot to cuddle, loved to lay in the sunbeam and snooze, but most of all loved her walks.  She never accepted the notion that walks occurred later on the weekends, or that anything except a thunderstorm would interrupt her routine.  I will always remember her running into the house after a walk, grabbing the first nylabone she could locate and chewing for a few minutes in total satisfaction.  Diva put so much joy into our lives and we will always remember her love.  We miss her deeply.

Ann & Jason Ennis


Diva went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 9, 2010



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