In Loving Memory

Spot was born on March 8, 1987. Six weeks later he changed our lives forever when he became an inseparable part of our family on Easter Sunday. For over fourteen years Spot established the rhythms and rituals that defined our daily lives. More importantly, he helped us keep our priorities straight. He knew what was important in life. He liked to eat. He liked to play. He liked to sleep. Most of all, he liked his life to be predictable. In return for including him fully in our own lives and providing the companionship and shelter he needed, Spot returned an unconditional love and loyalty that few humans have ever been able to match. When Spot became sick, he showed us how a strong spirit and boundless determination could be used to overcome almost any adversity. Despite cancer and three major surgeries, Spot still managed to wake up each and every morning absolutely determined to live life on his own terms for one more day. As he became frail and weak, he showed us that a life of diminishing expectations could still be led with dignity and joy. Until the day he died, Spot loved to be alive. This love of life was his enduring gift to us. We will miss him dearly. And we will never forget him.

John and Janet


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