In Loving Memory of Wolfgang

Everyone should be so blessed as to have a Dalmatian as a soul mate. Wolfgang is mine.
I will, with love, remember Apples when I returned from a trip; Walks with Grandpaw and stolen cookies from Grandma; Sunning in the yard; Bed gophers; Pagers, phones, floors and other things that never stood a chance against Wolfgang; That insatiable love of food;  His Elvis smile and never failing to voice his opinion; The jalapeno spot on his leg and heart spot on his shoulder; Squeaky toys by the hundreds; Requests for the fireplace to be started so a nice warm nap could be had; “Wolfitude”; Always “helping” to open presents; Turkey at Thanksgiving; Helping Mama make cookies; Huge femur bones baking in the oven; Pretending not to be watching me leave from the front window; Lipstick kisses that will forever be on his forehead and so many more memories that will forever be a part of my life.
Wolfie, words can never express my love for you and the pain felt from your loss. For 11 years you were by my side. Now, you are in my heart. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge…
Love, Mama


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