Daisy was always small for a Dalmatian, but she had a very big heart. This gentle, sweet girl loved people, especially Ann and Jason, who gave her the forever home she'd been wanting on October 31, 2002. From that day forward, Daisy, (originally named Faith) had a wonderful life with Ann and Jason, her new parents.

Daisy lived a good life, but sadly, she was diagnosed with a large blood clot in her heart and went to the Rainow Bridge on April 8, 2007. Ann and Jason say that they will miss her sweet soul, her barking at birds, chasing the occasional squirrel, cuddling with them, and covering her eyes with her paws if she didn't want to get up.  According to Ann, "she always smiled that Dalmatian grin when we came home.  She gave us a lot of love and we miss her deeply."

Daisy went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 8, 2007


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