This beautiful four year old female will be remembered as a dog with a sweet and gentle disposition and a face you had to fall in love with. She was underweight and malnourished when she came into the Dalmatian Rescue program and after an initial exam was found to have one of the worst cases of ehrlichia disease our vetinerians had ever seen. With a good diet and proper veterinary care, she slowly but surely began to improve. As her health improved, we saw her develop an enthusiasm for just about everything. Greta found a loving home and enjoyed spending her days with another rescue Dalmatian named Petey. Unfortunately, her ehrlichia disease had done too much damage before she began to receive the care she deserved. After bringing much joy and happyiness to her new family, she passed away from liver failure on July 10, 2004.

Greta found her forever home on November 10, 2003


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