Petey shared his life with us from October 6, 2001 until April 29, 2006. He was a remarkable dog, but I still have no idea how old he was when he died. There were days when we thought he was a strong-willed young Dalmatian, afflicted with more than his share of physical ailments. There ware other days when we were convinced that he was a very old dog, who was dealing with aging the way we all do when our bodies finally start to fall apart. We can only hope that Petey had a long and enjoyable life. We will never forget the four and a half years he spent with us. We offered Petey a home, but he offered us much more. Petey's stubborn determination and kind heart were an inspiration to all who knew him. It would have been nice to have more time together, but we will always be grateful for the time we had.

Petey went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 29, 2006


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