Sadie needs a very special home. This five year old liver spotted female is a wonderful dog who has been professionally trained at K-9 University, She obeys both voice and hand signal commands, but can never be left unattended with strangers, children or other dogs. Sadie needs to be in an environment where she is the only dog, preferably with a single person. She is very loyal and bonds quickly but can be aggressive and unpredictable with strangers and other dogs if left unattended. Sadie's trainers feel that she would make a safe and very loving pet for the right person. She needs an owner who is responsible enough to always keep her out of harm's way. This means she must always be be on a leash in public and must have a home where there are no children or other dogs.

If you can accept the responsibility of providing a permanent home for a dog like Sadie, you will be rewarded with an exceptionally smart, loyal and loving companion. Dogs like Sadie are often put down, but everyone who has gotten to know her, feels she deserves to live. Sadie has had a hard life. Help us find her the home she deserves.


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