In loving memory of Wyatt

Wyatt was already an older boy and in poor health when he entered the Dalmatian Rescue program. He had spent most of his life outside before his former owner surrendered him to animal control. When we picked him up, he was underweight and had one one the worst cases of heartworks or vets had seen.

Despide all Wyatt's physical problems, we all fell in love with him immediately. Wyatt was gentle and friendly to everyone he met and no dog deserved a second change more than he did. We treated his heartworm disease and he was gaining weight and getting stronger when his heart unexpectedly gave out. Sadly, although we did everything we could, we were too late in meeting this special boy. The heartworms had permanently damaged his heart.

Wyatt made all of our lives a bit brighter during the short time we knew him and we will always remember this special boy.

Wyatt went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 9, 2010



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