Home at last!

Welcome. During the past three years, Dalmatian Rescue of North Texas has found loving, permanent homes for 120 of our spotted friends.

If you've adopted a Dalmatian, we'd like to thank you for giving a wonderful dog a better quality of life. If you're considering getting a Dalmatian, we encourage you to adopt one of the wonderful Dalmatians we have available now.

If you want to learn more about the wonderful dogs we've been able to find homes for this year, just click on their picture or name to your right.

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2008/2016 Adoptions

Chief Bailey Holly
Shelby Raider Myles
April Kasey Willow
Suzie Charlie Betty
Spirit Taylor Roscoe
Murphy Pepper Dolly
Mack Domino J-Lo
Jordan Nola Ariel
Allie Cady Lucy
Hunter Chase Lilly
Camp Penny Alle
Lou Bud Daisy
Freckles Emma Ellis
Katie Daisy Dali
Scout Hannah Spot
Sky Ariel Chelsey
Nick Kobe LeBron
Sophia Deuce  Molly
Smokey Wendy Lance
Hobbs Chase Emmitt
Lexi Duke Neo
Emmie Alvin Chloe
Eleanor Blossom Pringles
Bella Livy Myles
Shelby Maxx Humphrey
Becker Jordan Scooby
Suki Madison Emily
Misty Belle Holly
Bella Lady Gogh Patches
Maverick Molly Milo
Odie Pepper Dottie
Betsy Ollie Hershey
Bogart Annie Eli
Crosby Bunny Dakota
Delilah Vegas Bosley
Princess Sarge Chanelle
Bandit Gracie Shiner
Phantom Logan Sterling
Max Blackjack Rascal
Jack Charlie Elsa
Lancer Sabre Spirit
Elmo Gretchen Abby
Brown Sugar    

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